Our Mission

Revelnation Enterprises, Inc. (REI – Americas), Revelnation Enterprises LLC (Africa), and

Revelnation Revel With A Cause Inc. (RWACI) synergistically work together to connect reputable

humanitarian projects to our pool of privileged funding partners, as well as our network of

internal resources in energy, water and waste management, agriculture, healthcare, trade, and

education. Our collaborative barometers for funding consideration are immediate economic impact,

demographic needs, environmental stewardship, ease of implementation, resources, and long-term



Connecting the wires between our privileged funds and legitimate energy projects whose aim are to elevate entire populations for generations to come. 

We connect the modern sciences of Green energy, with the criteria of it needing to produce large volumes of power built with parts which are meant to last.



Waste Management

Clean waters and lands prevent diseases. Simply put, water collection, pumps, filtration and treatment, as well as holding and distribution are just as important as enabling natural water sources to be as clean and pure as possible. 

This takes social processes such as positive disposal habits and the facilities to place items which require disposal. 

We connect organizations who seek to employ these principles and technologies with credible projects and funding.


Challenges with food availability should be a thing of the past, but in many parts of the world, food is scarce due to many factors including natural disasters. 

It does not have to be that way. 

Our approach to agriculture combines education, job creation, and facilities while connecting funding and organizations who are vested in helping elevate people’s lives through food, while aiming for long-term financial benefits, opening additional sources of commerce.  


While more advanced regions have strong health coverage for the most common needs, including child bearing, other regions lack even basic facilities and the people with knowledge who can support life’s bumps. 

We evaluate the current capabilities of regions to understand the region’s needs and connect these regions with funds and organizations who can meet those needs, including the infrastructure, transportation, security, and technology needed to support health facilities.


Trade is not just about the exchange of goods and services, but also about creating long-lasting relationships which are mutually beneficial.

We optimize available resources and provide them to nonprofit organizations working for humanitarian and environmental initiatives.  


Learning is not just for the kids, it is a life-long endeavor. Our unique approach combines modern technology with entertainment while enabling core subjects and trade skills to flourish in the people who are willing and ready to consume this content. 

Additionally, we connect regions with the funding and support they need to enhance existing facilities, create new learning centers, along with the infrastructure updates necessary to support these learning institutions.  


Mining is one of the main industrial activities for the development of the welfare of the world’s population. It can also be one which creates environmental contamination or worse.

Regions who partner with us gain access to our army core of engineers who utilize modern mining practices while incorporating technologies which are incredibly efficient at the extraction of resources.  


A region which has a strong infrastructure enables success in most categories - however, without - and the ability to operate is significantly hindered. 

For regions who partner with us, our army core of engineers are deployed to execute on implementation plans and connect with trade educators to enable local citizens to learn how to operate.

Tech Innovations

Why continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past when there are new technologies which can provide efficiencies and while elevating people and their lives?

Our patented technologies are incorporated within every project that we partner on.


We are 100% transparent with our partners. 
This is done, by design, to prevent corruption.
Join the efforts to elevate the standard of living for humanity.